Sodium Sulphite

Sodium Sulphite

Sodium Sulphite (Na2 So3) is a white crystal powder or granule that tastes salty with sulphur odor.

Sodium Sulphite is used as an antichlor in water treatment and desalination plants; in the reduction of wastewater in chrome-plating industry; as a preservative in the manufacture of trinitrotoluene (TNT); as a bleaching agent and for scrubbing sulphur dioxide gas in pulp mills in power plants and for leather treatment.

It is also used as an oxygen scavenger in low-pressure boilers and in the manufacture of detergent, sodium thiosulphate and photographic chemicals.

Also it is used in several other applications as Ore Flotation, Oil Recovery, Food preservatives, Iron exchange, Fire controller, Pesticides, in making Dyes & Detergents and in Textile Industries.