Potassium sorbate is a food grade preservative generally regarded as safe worldwide. It is the inactive salt of sorbic acid. It readily dissolves in water where it converts to sorbic acid, its active form, at a low pH. Sorbic acid is very pH dependent. While it shows some activity up to pH 6 (about 6%), it is most active at pH 4.4 (70%). At pH 5.0 it is 37% active. As sorbic acid, it is considered to be active against mold, fair against yeast and poor against most bacteria. Sorbic acid is an unsaturated fatty acid and as such is subject to oxidation. 







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Potassium Sorbate


·         Potassium sorbate is used as a preservative in a number of foods, since its anti-microbial properties stop the growth and spread of harmful bacteria and molds.

·         It is used in cheese, baked goods, syrups and jams.

·         It is also used as a preservative for dehydrated foods like jerky and dried fruit, as it does not leave an aftertaste.

·         The use of potassium sorbate increases the shelf life of foods, so many dietary supplements also include it.

·          It is commonly used in wine production because it stops the yeast from continuing to ferment in the bottles.

·         It is used in many personal care products to inhibit the development of microorganisms for shelf stability.

Packaging / transportation

  • 25kgs Cartons with Inner Liner